Recording and Rehearsal Studios

Recording and Rehearsal Studios

Here at Guitar Lessons Solihull, we are never more proud than when we hear that one of our guitar students has entered recording studio for the first time. Finding a good record studio to record your first EP can be a difficult task, especially in a city the size of Birmingham. Don't fear! We have compiled a short list of what we believe to be some of the best recording studios within Birmingham. In no order...

Univibe Audio

Univibe Audio is one of the best studios in Birmingham to record your first EP at. The studio's bespoke packages cater perfectly for local bands wanting to record three tracks in two days, with full mastering and 50 CDs (£400) or five tracks in five days with mastering and 100 CDs (£400). The quality of the sound engineers work can clearly be heard on the tracks produced at Univide Audio, a studio that is well worth checking out.

Carbon Studios

Carbon Studios located within Unit 6, Parkview Trading Estate, B30 3JX, has two superb studio rooms enabling bands with different budgets to record quality tracks. Studio B, for instance, is an ideal facility to record smaller projects, acoustic sets and track demos within, while Studio A is set up for the larger projects and rentable for £200 per eight hour day - perfect for an EP. Carbon Studios also offers top of the range rehearsal facilities bookable for £13 per hour - top studio.

Rich Bitch Studios

Rich Bitch Studios, the iconic Birmingham record and rehearsal studios, has worked with some of the music industries great artists including Black Sabbath, Slade, Robert Plant, Charlatans, Skid Row, Electric Light Orchestra, Liberty X, The Editors as well as many more. Established in 1984 and named after the owner's original band the studios has gained international recognition and famed itself within the local community for its close work with local bands. Their friendly staff, often experts in their field, provide first-class facilities for both rehearsal and studio recording. Rehearsal space rates range from £12.50 to £15.50 depending on the size of the room, with drum, PA and guitar/bass guitar amp equipment included as standard. Studio recording rates start from £260 for a 10 hour day - extremely reasonable considering the history of the bands that have recorded at Rich Bitch. Simply a fantastic record studio in Birmingham. 

2nd City Productions

2nd City Productions located in Unit G14B, Bissell Street, B5 7HP is a fantastic recording studio to record your first EP. Pitched perfectly for local bands 2nd City Productions first-class recording facilities can be used for £30 per hour for unsigned bands, with 5-day projects priced £650. Their studios, well known by local artists as one of the most relaxed and chilled out to record at, really are worth checking out if you are a young local band.

The Oxygen Rooms

The Oxygen Rooms is one of Birmingham's best rehearsal facilities. Established in 2001 and located at 122 Barr Street, B19 3DE, the studio boasts state of the art equipment supplied as standard within one of eight rehearsal rooms. Rentable for £8 per hour off-peak or £12 per hour from 5 pm onwards - both truly fantastic deals. The Oxygen Rooms also has a warm friendly atmosphere with friendly, helpful staff - all in all, a super place to practise as a band.

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