Guitar Shops in Solihull

Guitar Shops in Solihull

Here at Guitar Lessons Solihull, we love nothing more than a fantastic guitar shop, packed with guitar equipment! Birmingham has a huge range of different music shops to offer, catering to all types of budgets. To help you find the guitar shop that suits your needs the best we have compiled and reviewed what we think are Birmingham's most important guitar shops. In no order...

Guitar Guitar

Guitar Guitar is a fantastic guitar store that can be found at 100 Hagley Road, Edgbaston, B16 8LA. Packed with literally hundreds of guitars and loads of guitar equipment the shop caters for both ends of the market with excellent beginner guitars - Fender Squire Stratocasters and Yamaha Pacifica - to the top of the range Gibson and Fender guitars. Their part exchange and used guitar trades mean you can get your hands on some amazing second-hand guitars that would perhaps be out of your price range new! One of the top guitar shops in Birmingham and a must for all guitarists.

Fair Deal Music

Fair Deal Music located at 79-83 Smallbrook Queensway, provides great quality instruments for reasonable prices with helpful friendly staff. Based within Birmingham city centre near the Bullring they are the perfect guitar shop to pick up a cheap set of new guitar strings or buy a new strap when you are in town - if I was looking for a new guitar though I would perhaps try one of the larger guitar warehouses like PMT below for more choice. Fair Deal Music is still a solid guitar shop though great for those small purchases.

Professional Music Technology

Professional Music Technology is a massive guitar warehouse like no-other in Birmingham. Located at 136 Lawley Middleway, B4 7XX, the shop is literally brimming with guitar equipment, packed full of all ranges of amps and guitars it is the perfect place to try before you buy. There is so much guitar equipment, including guitar pedals and accessories it is a shop that is well worth visiting several times over - great prices too. Essential guitar shop.

Express Music Store

Express Music Store, established in 1984 is another great guitar store to check out in Birmingham. Located at on Stratford Road Solihull, B90 3AU‎ it is tucked away behind a row of shops, it is well worthing finding as the store, despite its small size, is packed full of guitars and guitar equipment. Predominantly an online music shop Express Music store has a great little guitar shop that you should go view for yourself.

Hobgoblin Music

Hobgoblin Music is a quirky guitar and music shop which can be found on Gibb Street, Digbeth, B9 4AA. Filled with folk and acoustic guitars, along with a whole range of other folk instruments including Banjos, Mandolins and Accordions, this guitar shop has certainly captured the folk guitarists needs. If you are looking for guitars outside this genre the above guitar shops would perhaps suit you better. A must for all folk guitarists though.

The Little Guitar Shop

The Little Guitar Shop is a fantastic guitar shop specialising in vintage and used guitars based at 58 Spencer Street, B18 6DS. They certainly know their stuff in this guitar store, holding a wealth of knowledge about old guitar models, rare pedals and sweet sounding amps. This shop is perhaps for the more advanced guitarist interested in finding that rare Gibson Les Paul or Fender Stratocaster manufactured in the 70s and 80s. Simply being in this shop will help you soak up the huge history of the guitar manufacturing and development - if you are serious about your guitar lessons get on down to the Little Guitar shop and speak to the staff about their guitars. We will count it as a field trip - you will learn so much.

Guitar Spares & Repairs

Guitar Spares & Repairs, located at 37A Northampton Street, is Birmingham's best guitar repair workshop. Boasting an incredible range of spare parts the friendly staff are more than happy to fix almost any problem you find on your guitar, ensuring that your guitar will be in tip-top shape before entering the studio, playing your first gig or attending your first guitar lesson. It is also an essential shop for the guitar DIY enthusiast or customer guitar builder - well worth checking out.

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